Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trent's first game

Tonight was Trent's first game. He's still in Farm League, which is pitching machine. I'm hoping we'll be able to go up to live arm next year, but we'll see. He seemed a little gun shy of the ball, but relaxed once the game got going. When he was up to bat for the first time, he did strike out. The second time proved to be better, he got on base but never made it home due to outs. Just like last year, he's being groomed to be a catcher. He absolutely loves it. Of all the kids catching, he was the only one that would scoot close to home plate. All the others were clear at the back stop. We have told him that the ball isn't going to hurt because of all the gear, that's what it's there for. Get in front of the ball.

Papa decided to grace us with his presence. In doing so, he out right spoiled his grandchildren. Caiti Mae being his princess, got hoards of candy. He spared no expense with the girls, buying them nachos, gatorade, suckers, laffy taffy, and other sugar crap that I yelled a him for. His excuse is that they are his to spoil and I have to back off.

Here is his pouring (literally) sugar in to Caiti's mouth. I had to turn away, it made me sick. Eric told Dad that he was going to be on night duty with her, since she's going to be bouncing off the walls.
I would like to think that our boys won, but being in Farm League, they don't keep score. Both teams hit and fielded well. It's a lot better to watch then T-Ball, that's for sure. Tarren has her game tomorrow. It seems like every night this week is designated for a game or practice, but that's not different then any other week. Poor Caitrin, she's going to spend every spring and half her summers growing up at the ball fields. A ball field brat.


Simons4u said...

He does look like a natural catcher! I love how they look so professional in their baseball get up :).

Jen said...

Grandparents and their makes me a little crazy, but my grandparents did the same thing to my parents and I think I turned out (fairly) okay. :)