Wednesday, July 29, 2009

11 years and going strong

Today marks 11 years for Eric and I. Looking back on our journey,( I say this because it hasn't been all rainbows and cupcakes), I realize how far we have come. If you can imagine a marriage rockier then the Rocky Mountains and stormier then the Gulf in hurricane season, that was us in our first five years. Any possible means of destruction to a marriage, it was done. Not just by one party but both. These last 6 years we have been cleaning up our path of destruction we created. I feel that our marriage is now stronger then it ever has been and I honestly believe it's because I have let the Lord back into my life. I see things with a different light and only want to make things better. Though our marriage is far from perfect, we don't waste our means on material things. We realize what we wasted for 5 years, and what matters is our time to and with each other.
Trying to recall all our anniversaries, I think we've only exchanged cards and had a dinner to ourselves here and there. Nothing big. (On our 8th, we spent OUR day at Eric's little brother's wedding where Eric was a groomsmen. Yes, that's right, his little brother got married on the same day as us. Talk about me being pissy.. salt in an open wound........) I wanted to renew our vows last year being our 10 year mark, and I wanted to do it under the eyes of the Lord, since we were 17, signed off by both of our parents in the court house by a justice of the peace. But Eric was laid off at the beginning of that July, and so yet another test of our marriage was set upon us. I can proudly say that today marks another mile stone and that test has come and is now gone. I just wish he was here with me so I could appreciate US all that much more. Happy anniversary, Babe. I love you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My sister....

... turns 30 today. Where do I begin with her.... She is my only biological sister out of all of us girls. We aren't quite 2 years apart. Growing up we were the poster children of sibling rivalry. We NEVER got along. I remember when I was younger, thinking that I was going to go to school clear across the county to get away from her. And just maybe, if she was lucky, I'd send her a Christmas card. We were actually separated when I was 13. She had to go live with my biological father because of her "unruly" behavior. She grew up in and out of hospitals due to her bad asthma, so I was always stuck doing her chores because she would conveniently have an "asthma attack." Things changed drastically when I found out I was pregnant with Tarren. She moved her and her now husband up here to Lewiston to be closer to me. We have since then developed a unbreakable bond. We don't go a day without calling each other and knowing what's going on. Her kids are mine, and mine are hers. We have a lot of the same beliefs. so raising the kids isn't a chore for either one of us (though 5 kids are hard to handle at any given moment). This morning when I called her to tell her Happy Birthday and remind her that she was 30, she sweetly reminded me that I'm not so far behind her.
I should also throw out there that she shares her birthday with our biological dad. He is turning a whopping 54. She has our dad's and grandfather's name sake; my grandfather Johnny George, my dad Johnny Michael, and my sister Jonnie (pronounced Johnny) Katherine.
So here's to you Jonnie. Of all those times we tried to kick the poo out of each other, I'm glad we didn't end up killing one another. Hope you have a great birthday! I love you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Since the older two are gone to church camp in Orofino for Faith Tabernacle, I've been trying to occupy Caiti. Monday night was quite nice. We gave the dog a good bath and then we settled down to watch a movie. By 7pm, Caiti fell asleep and I found myself waking up around 8:30pm on the couch. I took advantage of the whole situation and packed her up and we went to bed. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with her last night until I heard on the radio that the Aquatic Center was having family night from 6 to 8 and it only cost $10.

So I called up my nieces and asked if they wanted to join me. My oldest niece brought my great-nephew who is one, and we had a great time. So for $10 we got 7 people in, not bad I say.

I took Caitrin with the intentions of her passing out early. I figured that all that running around and swimming would tire her out. Not so much. We ended up staying up until 11pm. It must have been the all the sleep that she got the night before.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Trent

Today is Trent's 8th birthday. This morning he woke all excited to leave for camp in Orofino today. But when we got to the bus, the mood changed. He had tears pooling up and his eyes were red. He asked me to say a little prayer with him to help him be brave and strong. I sat and waited for the buses to pull out and leave to let my own tears fall. He has never been this long without me, so it was kind of hard on mama as well. I felt bad because I called Eric bawling. He just laughed and told me to enjoy the craziness that the little one is going to give me. I promised Trent that when he got back on Friday, we'd have a Transformer birthday party for him. I just hope and pray that he'll have a good time. Poor kids, I miss them already.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Setting: We were in the car listening to the radio. The song Life is a Highway, by Tom Cochrane came on. At this particular time, I didn't know that it was Tom Cochrane who sang it.
I saw Trent staring at the radio in disgust.

Mom: Hey, what's your problem?
Trent: They're singing this song wrong.

It took me a minute to understand what he was talking about. He has grown up with the Disney movie CARS, in which Rascal Flats (sp?) sings the song, so it didn't sound quite right, to him.

Mom: Oh. Umm... This is the original song. The first time the song came out. Long before you were born. Rascal Flats re sang it so they could play it for the movie.
Trent: They still aren't singing it right. Who is it?
Mom: You know, bud, I'm not sure. But I can find out later today.
Trent: It's probably a bunch of senior psychopaths.
Mom: Senior psychopaths, huh?
Trent: Yea, a bunch of old people.

I just shook my head...