Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday, when I got home from work and Caitrin came running up to me hugging my leg.

Caiti: Mommy, Mommy! What do you do when a boy kisses you?
Me: (taken back a little) You slap that boy and tell him to keep his mouth to himself. Wait, did some one kiss you today?
Caiti: Yes, Killian did...twice.
Me: Well, how about we don't do that anymore. You don't need to be kissing, you're too young. Eric, what did you tell her.
Eric: I told her that if she was kissed, she had Cooties.
Me: (looking at Caitrin) Sorry, kiddo. Looks like you have Cooties.

Not thinking anything of what I said, I turned my attention to Eric and we started talking about our day. Eric stopped and asked if what he was hearing was Caitrin crying in the back ground. I stopped and listened.. sure enough she was in her room bawling.
As I rushed down the hall to see what the matter was, I saw her taking her coat and scrubbing her face and her tongue.

Me: Caiti! What are you doing? What's wrong?
Caiti: I don't want Cooties, Mom!

CRAP! Can you say "Heartbreaking"?

Me: Oh, Caiti, you're alright. You want to know what gets rid of Cooties? Go-Gurts. Let's go eat a Go-Gurt.

She seemed content with the remedy. I had to call the school and let them know that some kissing has been going on, and that if she ends up smacking a boy, I apologize in advance. I guess I better pay better attention as to what I tell her from now on.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Setting: Caitrin and I are in the bathroom, and she's using the potty. (I've mentioned before that we have an open door policy at our house.. really no privacy.) I noticed that she had a perplexed look on her face.

Mom: Caitrin? Are you ok?

Caiti: Yeah... (sighing).. I don't think I'm going to eat anymore.

Mom: What? Why?

Caiti: Because. If I eat, I have to poop, and I'm tired of pooping.

So many times the child has left me speechless....
This also coming from Caitrin who told me a couple months ago that peeing was a "complete waste of her time."
Sorry, babe, it's unavoidable.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Windstorm 2010

By the good graces of God, my house was spared. The only damage to the house was the front section of the gutter.

When I called Eric to let him know that our tree had fallen, I told him that I was blocked in the carport. I was unable to go anywhere. His reply "Where did you need to go?" THAT"S NOT THE POINT!!!
My car only had mud on it from the leaves being wet and dirty. No scratches!

This is the bull pine that stands between our house and our neighbors. The bricks we raised during the windstorm. I'm contemplating calling a tree faller and getting that bad boy down. I really don't want it falling on the neighbors house, since it's on our property.

Of course Caitrin had to have her picture taken next to the root ball. We aren't sure what we are going to put in place of the ornamental cherry tree. Eric's thinking another tree, I'm thinking a front porch. I said many prayers last night as the wind storm continued. I woke up to find that God heard me.