Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 Days off

This week I have had Thursday and Friday off making it a four day weekend for me. Thursday was Tarren's 4th Grade Rendezvous. I attended that with her and some of her class mates. I found it quite interesting. They learned how to make candles, carved canoes out of Ivory Soap and we went on a horse drawn wagon ride with the big horses. After that got done, I had Business After Hours (BAH) at Inland Cellular. I had never attend one of those fancy affairs. It was different to say the least. I'm not a mingler, and that's what you are suppose to do. I walked around with the camera and snapped everyone. It was a kick off for the NAIA World Series, so all the ball players were down there scarfing all the yummy food and of course the free beer and wine. I couldn't partake in those festivities because Tarren had a softball game. I didn't think it would be nice to show up to my daughter's game half wacked. Needless to say I was tired by the end of that day.
I had Friday off because my job pays us for our birthday, so I took that day as my birthday holiday. I did a lot of running around, mowed the yard, refinanced my car, went to Costco, then had Trent's practice that went for 2 hours. Honestly the attention span of six, seven, and eight year olds isn't very long so to run a practice for that long, I was ready to kill the coach and the rude, unruly little boys. As soon as that was over, I called it a day.
Today Eric had to be to work at 2am. I slept in, kind of, as much as a three year old will let you. I had a wonderful idea to got to my sisters house and lay out on her black trampoline. I know that I'm one gene away from albino, but that doesn't stop me. Any guesses on what happened next?? Yep, I burned. My poor chest, tummy, and face fried. I really don't tan, my freckles just get bigger and darker. The shower killed. I told my sister that I would be back in a couple of days.. I'm a glutton for punishment. My sister got the good tanning genes. One day in the sun and she's dark. That's what I get for having the red hair in the family. So, then we were given tickets to a luau at the fair building. There they had a silent auction, a dinner from Rosie's Ribs, and a live auction. Then the grand prize drawing for 2 tickets to see the Seahawks play (my one and only dream). I'll know tomorrow if I won that prize. We had to leave early because poor Eric was up since 1:30am and just wanted to go to bed. I bid on some Seahawk jammie bottoms, a cool lil purse and I think a pampering set.
Tomorrow, the only plans are to go to church, do laundry and wash the two vehicles. I might let the kids break out the slip and slide. It's supposed to be in the 80's. I have enjoyed my four days off, but I'm ready to go back to work. I know that there will be a pile of paper work waiting for me. I'm hoping my next "vacation" will be in August going to the coast with Lynz. Planning is already in the works for that, ( and Eric is pushing that I go, too)

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