Saturday, March 7, 2009


That's kind of the emotion around the house lately. Happy but sad, good news but bad news, yes but no. It's even trickled down to the kids
To start off, Eric got the job offer we were waiting for. We were hoping for DeAtley Crushing to come through and they did yesterday. Good news right...? They hired him on the spot, BUT the guy isn't sure what plant to put him on, since they have a good handful of crushing plants all over the 3 states and he isn't sure when Eric is going start.
Then there's the simple fact that he has a job, so I couldn't be more happy, but with DeAtley, they are a traveling company. That means that Eric won't be home. Some weekends he will travel home, and some weekends I'll pack up the kids to see him. See the dilemma? The pay is better then we anticipated, but it's not going to replace Eric. We have discussed this job in great lengths. Though it turned my stomach like the Seattle job, it doesn't make me want to throw up. I've prayed on this position and I feel God has lead us in this direction. I know that it isn't going to be easy, but if this is the Lords will, I know that he'll guide me every step.
The poor kids, mainly the older two for right now, they aren't so happy that dad's got a job. It broke my heart yesterday when Tarren came up to me with her eyes welled up.
Tarren, "Dad got a job"
Me, " I know, babe, isn't that great" trying to be excited
She just looked at me and shook her head and stomped off to her room. Under her breath you could hear her say "that means he won't be home anymore". I know it's gonna break Caiti Mae's heart when he leaves, for the last 2 months she's been home with him and those two are inseparable. Eric's gonna end up missing out on the kid's baseball game come up here real soon. I was thinking of putting Tarren in a dance studio with her cousins, he'll miss all that as well. I guess that'll be the price we all pay.

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