Saturday, March 14, 2009

A New Motivation

I now have a new motivation to loose my "baby fat". I figure that you can't call it baby fat anymore when your baby turns three. I have been going to the gym lately. If your job pays for the membership, why not?

Just recently I was contacted by an old friend, via myspace. It caught me off guard at first because the message said " you look like some who went to CHS". My first thought was Clarkston. How dare they think that I went to Clarkston. So in my disgust I was quick to hit the delete button, but no sooner then I did that, I realized it was one of my class mates at Cascade High School. So I had to scramble through the search engines to find her and apologize for not paying attention. She had informed me that she was trying to find class mates who were graduates of 99. It kind of blew me back, didn't she remember that I moved in the 9th grade, I didn't graduate with them, I became a Lewiston Bengal. Of course she new that, she was always one of the smarter ones of the class, but wanted me to make an appearance at their reunion.

Now going to my 10 year reunion is still very questionable, I still kind of don't want to see certain people. Especially at that time when I was 8 months pregnant and the principal pulled me into his office and told me that I wasn't welcomed in the halls of my high school, and that I was a bad influence to everyone else. That I didn't belong, and I'm better off else where. That gave me all that more motivation to get all my credits in and graduate early. By January of 99 I had all that I needed and got the hell out of there. Not to mention the complete strangers that walked right up to me and called me a slut and a bitch right to my face, or the rumors that went around that I wasn't sure who the baby belonged to or that it she was Justin's not Eric's. Good times and great memories I tell ya. One could see my hesitance to not want to go. I obliviously have some talk'n to do with God on that one.

I was informed that the Cascade High School 10 year reunion would be sometime in August and I think I'll travel down south to make an appearance. I guess it would be kind of fun to walk the halls of greater times and of my childhood. (K - 12 are in 2 buildings conjoined by a long hall) So that is my new motivation to loose the weight. Who doesn't want to look good for people they haven't seen in over 13 years? Though I haven't weighed myself in a while, I do feel and can see a difference. I bought a pair of jeans today that were a size smaller. Just one step closer to where I want to go.

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