Monday, March 16, 2009

Dentist Dan by Shel Silverstein

Nentis Nan, he's my man.
I go do im each chanz I gan
He sicks me down an creans my teed
Wid mabel syrub, tick an' sweed,
An ten he filks my cavakies
Wid choclut cangy-I tink he's
The graygest nentis in the lan.
Le's hear free jeers for Nentis Nan.
Le's go to Nentis Nan dooday!
I went the dentist today. I honestly think that I should have taken a Valium. I shook and trembled the whole entire time. They had to numb my whole right side to do my cleaning, and I get the pleasure of going back to get the left side done. They have given me prescription mouth wash to build "healthier gums". Not only does that stuff taste like crap, it settles in you gums and when you eat or drink something it comes out again and makes whatever you're eating taste rotten. I knew there was a reason I haven't gone in 5 or 6 or however many years. I then get to go again in April to have more work done. I can't wait. All three of the kids have their appointments on Friday. That should be real interesting considering I have a stranger anxiety child who will probably freak out in the chair and maybe just end up biting the charming, dark haired, blue eyed, yummy eye candy doctor. (sorry I got carried away, did I mention that he was a good looking doctor?) I did get the speech of "if you wouldn't have waited so long, this wouldn't have happened." Yea... I know, but I'd rather give birth two times a year then go to the darn dentist. I'm only feeling a little pain now as opposed to what I was feeling this afternoon. It should be better tomorrow... here's hoping.

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