Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome Home, Cleatus

(My batteries went dead in my camera, so I had to use Eric's phone. Sorry..not the best focus)

If you are a Football fan, you'll understand this post. On the Fox Network,when football is on, there is a transformer looking robot in the lower left hand corner that resembles a football player. He's pretty cool looking. Trent has been asking for this "thing" ever since football season started. I looked and looked for him and no such luck. So I asked a lady, Joycelyn, that I work with. We call her "Dex" since she can find dirt in a snow storm. She searched for this robot, and in a matter of minutes, she found him. This "thing" has a name. Cleatus. When I went to order him for Trent for Christmas, they were all out and I had to wait since they were back ordered. I waited patiently for Cleatus to make is debut into our home. Since he wasn't going to be here in time for Trent to open him, I had a picture laminated of Cleatus. Trent was stoked with just that. Bless his heart for being such a simple child. I had to explain to him that Cleatus was coming, just not until later. I think he forgot about him. Well, Monday he arrived. Eric wouldn't let me see him because he knew that I would want to open him and play with him before the boy could. I guess it was better that way. He's about 10 inches tall and weighs a ton. For the last couple of nights, Cleatus has slept with in arms reach of Trent. He carries the toy around like a toddler carries around a baby. It's kind of cute in a masculine way. ( I'm sure Trent will kill me when he's older for saying that)

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Simons4u said...

That is pretty awesome right there, I may have to look for a Cleatus for my son too. I think Tyler will appreciate him playing with that over Natalie's dolls haha! Wow our sons really are gonna kill us when they get older ;p