Sunday, January 4, 2009


Over the Christmas break, Trent has been messing with his 2 top front teeth. There are both loose. He finally yanked out the one two nights ago. I was bugging the heck out of me. Just hanging there by a thread. My children have this thing were they like to pull their own teeth. When Tarren was this age, she had lost 8 teeth. This is Trent's third, and the fourth will follow, sometime this week, I'm sure. Funny thing is that we let the tooth soak over night to get all the yuckies off. I set the cup on the counter and pushed it way back. Well, Caitrin, the monkey that she is, at some point in time drank the water. When I went to pull the tooth out of the cup, there was no tooth, and the water level was way down. When I had asked Caitrin about drinking the water from said cup, her response was, "What? I was thirsty" Freaked out, not knowing what to do, I ran and woke up Eric. He just laughed, he said it wasn't going to hurt her if she had swallowed it, and he wasn't going to follow her around and "try to retrieve" the tooth. Unbeknown est to us, some one had pulled the tooth out and set it on the window ledge, we found it an hour later. I save of the kid's teeth, thankfully I now have that one. Since we don't do the Tooth Fairy (our religious decision), the kids know that the next paid day we go to the dollar store and get a few fun things. I think I might wait for that second one to pop out to save us a trip.

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