Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seahawk Fans

This posting is a little late since the Seahawks have now been eliminated from the playoffs. But I wanted to show our support in our local (as local as it can be) NFL team. Eric has been a fan of the Seahawks as far as I can remember, but has refused to wear any of their logos. For Christmas this year, I went against his will and purchased a very simple shirt. He begged me to no take a photo of him, he didn't want any evidence of him being a fan... Caitrin is a very proud Sea-gal fan... even when Seattle doesn't have the ball, she shouts for them to make a touch down. I love her enthusiasm...
Trent and Jack will be die hard fans to the death. They even wore their Seahawk jerseys to their own football practices this past fall

Tarren couldn't care less of football, though she did receive a Seahawk hoodie for her birthday last year. She's like her dad, doesn't want to be seen in it.. kids..

Here's to next year for the Seahawks to go all the way. (Hey, don't laugh!! I can dream BIG)

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