Friday, January 7, 2011

Not getting it... (part 1)

When picking battles with Caitrin, I try to pick wisely. But not always is that the case.
The other morning Caitrin wanted to wear a dress. I quickly checked the weather, the projected high was supposed to 19 degrees. I asked her if she could please wear pants since it was supposed to be cold.
Caitrin: "NO! I NEED to wear a dress" I'm all about lessons learned.
Mom: "Fine, you can wear a dress but you HAVE to wear tennis shoes. I'm not budging on this."
Of course that was a battle in itself. But I stood firm. I again pleaded for her to wear pants.
Mom: "Babe, it's cold outside. Please wear pants today"
Caitrin: "Nope"
Mom: "Okay...I don't want to hear that you're cold."

In between me battling with a four year old, I was getting ready for work. On this particular day, I decided to wear nice pin stripped slacks, a hot pink jacket, and did my hair all nice and curly. I even wore jewelry!! I felt pretty.

Teeth and hair got brushed, coats gathered and we were out the door to daycare. We get situated in the car and Caitrin starts bawling.
Mom: "What's going on?"
Caitrin:"I'm COLD!!!"
Mom:" I told you it would be. I don't want to hear it. You chose to wear a dress, even after you were warned it's supposed to be cold. I think you'll live. I'm sure you are staying in for recess today anyways."

She settled down a little bit and we proceeded with some small talk. All of sudden, she starts bawling again.

Mom:"What's going on now? What happened?"
Mom:"What? Where did that come from?"
Mom:"Are you serious?! Babe you look pretty. Sissy did your hair, and your dress is cute. No one said you didn't look cute. You are beautiful."

It took all my self control to not speed to the daycare. It wasn't even 8am and I felt mentally and emotionally exhausted.

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Jen said...

Oh, my. I thought the twos were hard.