Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not getting it.. (part 2)

The next morning it was decided that maybe Mom knew a little about a little and pants looked like a wonderful concept to the freezing temperatures. No battle on clothes, YEA!! But it seemed that the bed was more welcoming to all of us and we all ended up sleeping later than intended. I rushed out of bed, a little cranky that I over slept, trying to get the kids moving at a fast than normal pace.
As I topped the stairs from getting dressed, I saw Tarren standing in the middle of the kitchen pointing to the floor. I was a tiny bit scared to come closer to see what she was pointing at. When I inched closer, I saw Trent sitting on the ground, knees up to his chest, sobbing (like the dog had died. Fortunately the dog didn't die because she was sitting right next to him looking at him like he was crazy). Being that I was cranky, I honestly didn't show any sympathy, (which I feel bad looking back).
Mom: What is going on here? What is the problem?
Mind you, he was sitting in front of the refrigerator.
Mom: What do you mean "you can't find the milk'? Is there any in the fridge?
Trent: (Still Sobbing) NO!! IT'S NOT THERE. I CAN'T FIND ANY!!
Mom: (Still no sympathy) Son, there is no other place the milk would be. So if there isn't any in the fridge, I guess we're out.
Without missing a beat...Caitrin came stomping into the kitchen with her hands on her hips...
Caitrin: Yeah, there's no milk. I drank it all last night (insert four year old attitude here).

I redirected Caitrin back to her room to finish getting ready, told Trent that there was eggs and toast since cereal was not an option, and I rushed to get out the door for work, since it is the only place where my sanity is restored....

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