Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bug's New Bike

Caitrin has been bugging mom and dad for a bike. She wants to play with her brother and sister. We ventured off to our local friendly Wal-Mart and purchased her one. It's the kind where you petal backwards and it breaks. Yea, well...she's got that part figured out, too well. I was trying to teach her to push forward. It just made her mad. Since we live on a slight hill, I let her roll down. She freaked. "It's too fast mom!" "You're scaring me!" I didn't start her up at the top, just a few feet from the bottom.

If you want, you can label me as a bad parent. We looked at helmets, we even tried them on. Those ticked her off too. She didn't want anything on her head. I don't make the older ones wear their helmets anymore.
About a half hour into her "trying" to ride her bike, she just got off and walked away. I asked her what she thought she was going. She told me she was bored and tired and didn't want to ride her bike anymore. I'm glad that was money well spent.

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