Wednesday, July 29, 2009

11 years and going strong

Today marks 11 years for Eric and I. Looking back on our journey,( I say this because it hasn't been all rainbows and cupcakes), I realize how far we have come. If you can imagine a marriage rockier then the Rocky Mountains and stormier then the Gulf in hurricane season, that was us in our first five years. Any possible means of destruction to a marriage, it was done. Not just by one party but both. These last 6 years we have been cleaning up our path of destruction we created. I feel that our marriage is now stronger then it ever has been and I honestly believe it's because I have let the Lord back into my life. I see things with a different light and only want to make things better. Though our marriage is far from perfect, we don't waste our means on material things. We realize what we wasted for 5 years, and what matters is our time to and with each other.
Trying to recall all our anniversaries, I think we've only exchanged cards and had a dinner to ourselves here and there. Nothing big. (On our 8th, we spent OUR day at Eric's little brother's wedding where Eric was a groomsmen. Yes, that's right, his little brother got married on the same day as us. Talk about me being pissy.. salt in an open wound........) I wanted to renew our vows last year being our 10 year mark, and I wanted to do it under the eyes of the Lord, since we were 17, signed off by both of our parents in the court house by a justice of the peace. But Eric was laid off at the beginning of that July, and so yet another test of our marriage was set upon us. I can proudly say that today marks another mile stone and that test has come and is now gone. I just wish he was here with me so I could appreciate US all that much more. Happy anniversary, Babe. I love you.

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