Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Moment of Peace

Last Thursday seem to be a bit hectic. I had to do a bunch of running around when I got off work.  Trent's football practice, grocery store, and taxi-ing kids to the Jen-awea football game.  I thought I'd spend some quality time with the youngest by carting her around with me. While at the grocery store, Eric texted me asking me to run to Home Depot to get a furnace filter.  Not a problem, I was heading up that way. As we pull in to the Depot parking lot Caitrin chimes in with attitude.."Why are we here?"
 I reply "Dad asked me to get a furnace filter, so we're stopping here."
Not losing the attitude, Caitrin tells me "I know you and Dad love each other, but seriously, he needs to learn how to do things on his own."
Pretty shocked by her response and not sure where that even came from, I told her that we were out and about and I have no problem running errands for Dad.  We run in and get the furnace filter and a small package of batteries for the thermostat.  Not thinking, I thrown the batteries in a bag and out the door we go.  Heading home, she still had some "tude"..
Caitrin: You know what Mom? Your phone is WAY better than Dad's.  You know what? He deleted all of his games off of his phone.  Can you believe that?  Even Zebra Paint! Of all games, Zebra Paint!
Me:  Well, I'm sure he doesn't want you guys on his phone anymore.  Don't know what to tell you. Sorry.

We get home to unload the groceries quickly because I have to get Trent from football practice.  Caitrin starts crying because she wants to help.  So I tell her to grab the closest bag which happen to be the batteries. She holds it up like a dead skunk.
Cairtin:  Really, Mom? Really?  Did you really think you needed a bag for this?
Me: Caitrin, just get in the house.

Rushing back out the door to get Trent, I kiss Eric good bye and tell him to have fun with Caiti.  I see our German Shepard, Adella, sitting at the back door with a sad look on her face.  So I pat my leg and tell her to load up. 
Apparently that offended Caitrin "I want to go, too!"
Me: NO!
Caitrin: Why?!
Me:  Because Adella doesn't talk!

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