Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boise State Thanksgiving

For the Thanksgiving Holiday the Reel's ventured to travel down south to Boise to see my real dad.  We arose bright and early Wednesday morning hoping for promising roads.  Thank goodness they were dry the whole way down.  Thursday was spent prepping, cooking and watching football. Friday we avoided the mass crowds, but did manage to make it into a Goodwill.  All their stuff was 50% off.  I love Goodwill shopping in other towns.  The only other store we hit up was the Bronco Shop.  We needed Bronco gear for Saturday's game.  Saturday morning reared it's cold  head and we had to get all geared up for the 12 o'clock game.  Here's just a few snap shots of what the stadium was like.  I handed the camera over to Trent since he was cold so he could be preoccupied to keep the cold off his mind.  He managed to take 116 photos, mostly of Kellan Moore on the field and all the action plays...                                                                    

Once the Bronco's finished up with a WIN, we fought the crowded streets of down town Boise and rested up at my dad's house.  Sunday showed more promising weather, so we took off early back to Lewiston.  Being down there for 5 days, the BSU game was the only time I managed to bring out the camera.

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jen said...

My goodness, Tarren looks like her mama!