Thursday, February 11, 2010

If only.....

For Christmas Tarren received some sample shampoo and conditioners from Bath & Body Works. She had rediscovered them last week and decided to try them. The particular one she wanted to try out was some sort of stress relieving serum... I didn't pay to much attention to it other than it being in pretty green bottles.

This morning while I was in the shower getting ready for work, I saw the bottles and thought I would try them out. They smelled good.

In our house, we have an open door policy, so Tarren came into the bathroom while I was showering.

Tarren - Mom, are you using my shampoo and conditioner?
Me - Yeah, they smelled good. Sorry, I should have asked
Tarren - That's okay, do you like them?
Me - Sure.
Tarren - Did it take away all your stress?

The thought was genuine and sincere because she knows about my high stress levels lately, but I had to smile and reply "yeah, some of it".

Oh to be 11 years old, and be so naive to the thought of a simple bottle of shampoo and conditioner taking away all your problems. I'm not ready to take away her rose colored glasses, yet.

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