Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tarren's Recital

Tarren's recital was a little over a week ago. (Just a lil late on posting). This was the first one she had ever been in. The paper called for her hair to be "half up and curly". I called Jonnie in to do Tarren's hair since I never quite learned how to do mine, I always had her. I think it took close to an hour. As I dropped Tarren off at her class room, I ran into one of my nieces, Hannah. You can't tell Tarren is nervous at all.
I didn't get any pictures of the dance routine because I have a camera that would just take really dark pictures. We were in the far back corner, so no matter how hard I tried nothing was coming out worth a darn.
She was given flowers by her Grandma Hart. I absolutely LOVE this picture. With Tarren being 11 going on 25, I don't know a thing about a thing or two. We constantly fight. So when I held up the camera to take the picture, she quickly gave me a kiss. Affection is few and far in between with her, I only pray that it's a pre-teen thing she's going through.

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Alaina said...

Gorgeous hair!!! Very sweet post :)