Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skinny Jeans

I have mentioned before that at work, we hand-me-down clothes from all of our kids. I'm not above free clothes. So when a gal came to me and asked what size Trent was and that she had a bag of pants out in her car, I jumped all over it. She had told me that there was a pair of jeans in that bag that were "skinny jeans". I cringed at the though. My reservations on those kinds of pants go in the same category as spandex, they should be outlawed. But... if Trent liked them, I'd bite my tongue.

When I brought them home, I told Trent to try them on, not mentioning that they were skinny jeans. He seemed excited that he got new clothes. When he came into my view, he had a look of disgust on his face.

Mom: What's wrong, they look like they fit you. (I thought they looked horrid, but it's what he thinks, right?)

Trent: UUmm.. NO!! Theses are skinny jeans. I look like the Jonas Brothers, and I am not gay!!

I snapped my head to Eric. He just had a smile on his face as if to say "that's my boy."

Those pants got quickly passed off to the next unsuspecting victim... my sister's house to my nephew.

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