Friday, October 2, 2009


As I have mentioned, Trent is in football this year. He plays for the Clearwater Football League. Full gear, full tackle. It's so awesome to see these little people run the whole length of the field and cream each other going for the ball. You might say that is brutal for an 8 year old, but I'm a firm believer in letting boys be boys. This was when they played in Pullman against the Colfax Bulldogs. Their standings were 2-0. He's pretty smug about his winnings. And for a first year, he has had a lot of playing time.

Coop is in the same league but they will never play against each other. Coop is in the 5th &6th division and Trent is in the 3rd & 4th division. Boy they do look good. Last weekend Trent was to play at Martin Stadium in Pullman. He came down with the flu. It was all he could do to sit in the stands and watch his team mates play. When he got up enough energy, he'd get his helmet on and stand by the coaches (can't be on the field without the helmet). His team won that game and the Wildcats are now 3-0 and we have our seat in the championship game. Tomorrow he plays in Kendrick. He's not a 100% recovered from the flu but he's going to try his best. It's been killing him not going to practice and sitting on the side lines. Not to mention Dad has been getting a kick out of coming home on the weekends just to watch Trent play.

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