Friday, October 9, 2009


Background history .. Anyone who's around me knows that I can put my hair up with a pen (writing utensil). I twist my hair like so, weave the pen through like that and ta da.. my hair stays. On this particular day, I put hair up with said pen.

Setting: All of us are in Eric's pickup heading to Nezperce. All three of the kids were in the back seat coloring or drawing of some sort.

Caiti: Mom I need a pen.

Mom: You have crayons, use those.

Caiti: No, I NEED a pen. Trent has one, so I need one

Mom: Sorry, he's got the only pen. You'll just have to wait, or use your crayons.

Caiti: (with attitude) You have one in your hair, let me have that.

Mom: No. I'm not taking my hair out. Deal with it.

Caiti: Well, your hair looks weird any ways.

Eric, of course is trying to stay on the road from laughing so hard. I look at him and ask, " At what age do they learn manipulative remarks?" His reply.... "Apparently at 3."
She never got the pen.

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