Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother of the Year...

I'm really gonna try to start blogging more often. Now that we have a decent computer and Internet access, I should have the ability to blog more.  I want to add another blog category to my list.. it's Mother of the Year.  It'll be about decisions I've made as a parent that probably isn't what "normal" parents would do.. so here it goes...

Caitrin is in soccer with the Vysa Program.  The practices are at McGhee Elementary twice a week for about an hour.  I'm not the most social butterfly, so I don't like to hang around.  I'd watch her practice but Caiti tends to shut down due to her stranger anxiety. So if I leave out of her sight, she doesn't have a reason to come sit down next to me and is forced to concentrate on the task at hand.
Jonnie just lives five houses down from the school, so I generally ask her to walk with me around the block the school sits on.  On average, we can do about 4 laps in the hour time frame.
The anxiety in me gets worried that something might happen to Caiti if I'm on the other side of the block.  What if she gets hurt? What if they can't find me? What if she needs me?  All this goes through my head.  Knowing that she's too young for a cell phone, I have to try to find another way for her to contact me if something should go a rye.

The only thing that came to mind was this...

......writing my phone number on her arm.

The look on the coach's face was priceless. 

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