Monday, January 11, 2010


Being with Eric over the last 12 years, you would think by now that I would respect some of his anal retentiveness. When it comes to him building/crafting things, he's a perfectionist, it HAS to be square. His socks have to be a certain height, the top button of his pants have to be aligned with his belly button, pens must ALWAYS have caps, and the bread clip on the loaf of bread is to be put exceptions.

I chuck the pen caps because I use the pen to keep my hair up and as for the bread clip, it goes right in the garbage. I'm a twist, spin and tuck kind of gal, with that said this is how our conversation went on Sunday morning while making breakfast:

Eric: Babe, where's the bread clip?
I think my blank stare and no response was enough to tell him that I tossed it.
Eric: (jokingly) WOMAN!! You wanna die?
Me: If it means that I meet Jesus today, sure.
Eric: You know, I think Jesus and I are a lot a like.
Me: Really? Do tell. (thinking "this ought to be interesting")
Eric: Well, I think Jesus is a bread clip kind of man. He'd want you to put the clip back on the bread, too.

I just stared at him. Highly confused.

Me: You want to know the difference between you and Jesus? He's forgiven me for tossing the stupid clip and every other time I do it again.

He had no come back.

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