Monday, August 24, 2009

The Walden House

Eric and I were kind of freaked out about finding a place to stay when we went up to see his dad. I googled all the surrounding hotel/motels coming to realize that it was going to be an arm and a leg to stay the night. The cheapest place was $85.00. I guess I'm cheap and couldn't see paying that much just for a bed and a hot shower, but whatever it took to see Cal, we were going to do it. When I asked Eric's sister where they were staying so we could stay close, Chaney told me about The Walden House. All she told me was that it was ran by donation, it had 9 rooms, and a community bathroom. I cringed at the thought. Seeing some of the Ronald McDonald houses growing up because of my sister always in the hospital, I didn't think that this was going to be any better. All they wanted was $25.00 a night plus a $5.00 cleaning fee. Seems very reasonable but what else was I bargaining for? When we decided to head to bed around midnight Friday night/Saturday morning, we went to the house where we had a reservation. I just kept saying to myself.."How bad could it be?? How bad could this be?" Pulling up, it was a beautifully lit house with a well manicured lawn. Our room was upstairs, so we tippy toed up stairs. Observing to the layout, the house was gorgeous. The rooms were large, (ours had two twin beds, not sure if all the rooms were that way), the common room was tidy, the kitchen very welcoming. The bathrooms, we did have to share with all the guests in the house, but you had to clean it every time you used it. I'm sure it was a lot cleaner the your local Motel 6. When we settled in, I asked Eric if he wanted to sleep in separate beds, or try to snuggle into one. He said that he sleeps every other night without me, he wasn't going to that night. Needless to say, it was a restless one. I felt like I was going to fall off my end, and Eric felt the same.
Checking out, I got a better lay of the house. There was common room upstairs, a spacious common room on the main floor with a wall of books, and beautiful fire place. In the kitchen, the little old lady had tea, coffee and cookies out for everyone. I was more then impressed. I was okay with paying $30.00 for the night when all we did was sleep and shower. I will definitely recommend The Walden House to anyone.

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